Company History

Since 1958 Theimann illuminants create the appropriate light ambience in Bremen and surroundings. The founder of the enterprise still actively participates in its fortune. In doing so, she can look back on her experience from the 1930s, when electrical engineering became available for the average home constructor. This experience is priceless to the future oriented enterprise: restorations became a special subject of the Bremen-based firm.

With her creative power and entrepreneurial courage this progressive businesswoman made a stand for the future, when she, without any support, participated in the reconstruction after the second World War by founding her enterprise. Independent women with a passion for modern technology were rare in those days. The enterprise still benefits from that.

Stamped by the self-confidence of the mother, the daughter continues the female dominance as art historian (PhD). Hence, since 1972 intercultural contacts, most notably to exclusive firms in France and Italy, define the assortment. Independence and a strong basis are important to both women. Thus, the company strategy is actually conservative, without leaving aside the trends of Classic Modernism.
The successor values a profound client advisory service. She tries to comprehend personal preferences without dominating the customer, rather defining the adequate style for him/her.

Theimann is not the usual shiners enterprise. With lots of text on the home page, many screws in the drawer, without online business, where time is not measured by money, where wishes come true, be it with a hard to get light bulb, a hand-craved locker or a table, made to order in the hills of Tuscany. Lampshades can be made in nearly any color, size or material, fitting the existing lamp. Repair and delivery service go without saying.

Contemporary arts and crafts of high quality amend our rich assortment of tables, mirrors, glass articles, picture frames etc. The single items originate from Paris, Murano, Florence, the Tuscany and other locations.

Don't look further for a shiners specialty shop, take your heart, visit us in downtown Bremen and see for yourself.

Sie finden uns in der Violenstr. 33-35 in Bremen.
Unsere Öffnungszeiten sind Mo. - Fr. von 10.00 bis 18.00 und Sa. von 10.00 bis 14.00
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